infantino twist and fold activity gym vintage girl

infantino twist and fold activity gym vintage girl -I really like it, my baby adores it. It “folds” easily, and unfolds with one palm.

easy to create and easy to break down, helps it be easy to visit with.

Great activity gym and great price , I like that it gets the tummy wedge pillow !! As well as the quilt style is super attractive.

infantino twist and fold activity gym vintage girl

Encourage overhead discovery and make tummy time fun with this collection of lovable, sensory-focused gyms. Storage space is easy, twist and flip to collapse arms.


The Infantino Vintage Twist and Fold Activity Gym is a good way to add spice to your baby’s day. This mat can provide your little one with interactive playtime.

It has lots of activities to keep your son or daughter happy, effective and busy.

This Infantino twist and fold gym comes with four linkable gadgets, including a monkey, an elephant plus more to fully capture your little one’s attention.

The bright colored and patterned blanket stimulates your baby’s visible senses. In addition, it has a bolster pillow for tummy time play.

The suggested a long time for by using toy is from birth to  12 months old. When it’s not in use, you may easily store it. It folds down for easy storage area or travel.

You can provide this item as a gift during baby showers, birthdays and holidays. Bring this Infantino activity health club together with you on your next family vacation to keep your baby entertained.

Baby will twist and shout for this new take on a vintage design.

Our super soft activity fitness center is filled up with fun features and plush play pals.

It is the perfect take-along for big travels or for turning little places into big fun!

Infantino Vintage Activity Gym:

–           Years range: birth to at least one year

–           Folds down for easy storage area or travel

–           Includes 4 linkable toys

–           Patterned blanket stimulates visible senses

–           Dimensions: 30”L x 30”W x 18”H

–           Assembly required

–           Model #206-353

–           Infantino twist and flip gym requires 2 AG13 non-replaceable batteries (included)




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If I were buying a baby playmat today, I’d choose the infantino twist and fold activity gym vintage girl. This playmat offers great features for both parents and babies and comes at an extremely reasonable–dare I say cheap–price.

A playmat is one of those baby purchases you may think you won’t need, but conclude being glad you got one. It’s convenient for parents to have a safe and revitalizing spot to place baby down for some moments readily available.

Who Can Purchase infantino twist and fold activity gym vintage girl?

Playmats are suitable for new newborns up to 6 months old. Playmats give you a handy area to keep baby interested and never have to be placed by mom or dad. However, we would be remiss to say that you desire a playmat in your house or that baby needs one for development.

Genuinely, the same result–a content, comfortable and amused baby–can be completed with a fuzzy blanket and some toys arranged on to the floor.

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says Dr. Ari Brown, a board-certified pediatrician as well as the author of the book Baby 411.

The parents we spoke to during our research almost unanimously said that they did use a child playmat for their child, rather than use a blanket with toys. Louisiana mom-of-seven Rene LaForge says the playmats she’s used that possessed lights and looks really trapped her newborns’ attention.

“I believe music, lights, shiny colors, and toys and games are things that would charm to them,”

she says about searching for playmats on her behalf kids. Other features that the parents we interviewed liked?

Mats that are easily carried and can be washed with little trouble topped the list.

Playmats are a pretty schedule addition to a newborn registry. But we don’t advised spending a fortune on this particular little bit of baby gear.

While looking for baby products, it is quite easily to be overwhelmed by the considerable range of choices available, no parent wants to place the youngster at a developmental drawback by investing in a poor products.

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Baby play mats are an awesome way for your child to develop multiple skills whilst having fun, and a mat as strongly suggested as that one is a great purchase for any household.

VIDEO infantino twist and fold activity gym vintage girl

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